Climate Change

I’m not a fan of the term “climate change”, we all know that like the weather, the seasons, the temperature, the cycles of flood and drought, sun and rain, its change.

So with something that elusive how can you pin point it and get a handle on it, to make a decision to do anything about it.

So again I’m not a fan of that term; its a bit of a cop out really. There’s no point in really trying to do anything about it, its the climate, its beyond us.

I do know this regardless;

I can make a stand for clean air, clean water and clean soil. I can take responsibility for my own actions, clean up after myself, make better choices, and challenge myself to reduce my own garbage, waste, footprint and drain on this planet!

In my flip For a new world I take personal responsibility and I’m not perfect but I try, all the time; and so does the next person and the next person individually until collectively, wow the whole world has done it, and in my new world of positive change this planet had already been saved when we chose to reduce our destruction and consumption and decided long ago that rather than wait to see what might happen we chose to seal our fate by making a conscious choice to reduce the risk, just in case. There was nothing to debate.

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