Farming & Food Change

With continuous droughts, dusty, dry land and people’s changing perceptions around health and nutrition, the farmer needs to change and evolve farming practices to adapt to changing trends and to remain viable into the future.

People are becoming more health conscious, environmentally aware and interested in eating clean, seasonal nutritious food of vegetables, herbs and fruits and are moving away from processed food; mass scale cropping, any GMO crops and land clearing; the old sheep and cattle farm is becoming a way of the past.

Seasonal vegetables and herbs, companion and rotational planting and putting all the trees back in, with bee hives and native flowers and native water plants in dams and creeks, restocking fish and yabbies these are the way of the future.

People want to see less chemicals, more natural repellents in the form of companion planting to naturally reduce pests, bringing back overall quality food at affordable prices.

Farmers need to build communities that support each other to bring their produce together on mass.

In my changed world, it’s already there.

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