It’s a good thing that a lot of wildlife in this country is nocturnal, or there might be even less alive than there is now!

At least when most people are asleep some get a chance to make it about alive!

It is aweful that some drivers appear that it’s ok to speed around and if some little creature crosses the road well it’ll just get mowed down with some sick sadistic satisfaction. That creature has a little face and feels pain and is at the mercy of humans to help them if they’re hurt.

We are lucky in this Country that most are asleep in their little homes while we are out in our traffic rows of the commute or things could be a lot worse.

In my new world of animal activists and concerned humans we are always on the look out when we drive, especially at night when the little creatures are out and about.

We build roads that have wildlife traffic bypass corridors, we have people that are aware and slow down when necessary and wait if animals and wildlife are running around or putting themselves at risk and we’re patient, we anticipate the worst; like they’re about to run out in front of us or fly down near our windscreen and then we are relieved when we’ve slowed down and the issue was averted.

When we are that human that likes to feed them :- we do so where the safety of them, our neighbours, ourselves and other motorists are safe as well. Otherwise just stick to putting out some water on a hot day.

We anticipate the potential actions or outcomes of the animals we’re feeding!

We plan our commute where we can, after sunrise and before sunset. The less vulnerable hours. We make that conscious decision

We love our pets and we are responsible; we lock them up at night because we know they love us and are there to please or protect us and they’re territorial and we also need to protect our wildlife so we don’t want them Killing or competing in our backyard. We bring the dogs in, stop the cats from roaming. We let the wildlife have free rain to migrate around during the darkness when they are foraging for food and gathering,  and they’ll be back in their nests before you’all wake up. We are aware, we notice our locals and those that live in our backyard and we support them.

We let them be transient but on really hot days when we know water is scarce we give them a helping hand.

We don’t go out of our way to disrupt them either, it’s all about awareness, understanding and support

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