Animal kindness

Im so angered and then tired of reading about people performing acts of cruelty on animals – “violently bashed kangaroo in the face”, “used pig in bungee jumping stunt”, “threw rocks at”, “ran over”, “hit over the head”, and the list goes on and I wonder what makes people think this kind of behaviour is ok, that it’s funny or provides some sort of sick satisfaction. It’s disgraceful, shameful and perverse.

People need to be better than this.

Animals feel pain, they are vulnerable, innocent and at our mercy always.

We should forever continue and strive to do more: to protect them, to conserve their environment, to educate about ways to assist and support them, to create good law and policies for the future, and prosecute heavily.

People should take responsibility and personal accountability for their actions, the time is now in all areas.

And Witnesses should not be a party to allowing to witness a cruel act to continue, use your voice, take action and call the authorities, and stop it in the first place, don’t be a lifeless bystander. It’s not ok no matter who they are performing, or making these cruel decisions.

There is only room for values, kindness, care and concern from now on.

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