Make Australia great again

Our poor farmers are struggling and we have one of the best agricultural lands and there’s tenders filled to overseas companies – I just can’t believe it – it should always be Australian farmers first – make Australia great again – in Australia put Australia first, buy Australian, support Australian made and ensure support for Australian farmers and tender to Australian companies first.

Animal kindness

Im so angered and then tired of reading about people performing acts of cruelty on animals – “violently bashed kangaroo in the face”, “used pig in bungee jumping stunt”, “threw rocks at”, “ran over”, “hit over the head”, and the list goes on and I wonder what makes people think this kind of behaviour is ok, that it’s funny or provides some sort of sick satisfaction. It’s disgraceful, shameful and perverse.

People need to be better than this.

Animals feel pain, they are vulnerable, innocent and at our mercy always.

We should forever continue and strive to do more: to protect them, to conserve their environment, to educate about ways to assist and support them, to create good law and policies for the future, and prosecute heavily.

People should take responsibility and personal accountability for their actions, the time is now in all areas.

And Witnesses should not be a party to allowing to witness a cruel act to continue, use your voice, take action and call the authorities, and stop it in the first place, don’t be a lifeless bystander. It’s not ok no matter who they are performing, or making these cruel decisions.

There is only room for values, kindness, care and concern from now on.

Party time

If you’re having a party and have the ice loaded up in buckets – please don’t put it down the drain or the toilet – ever – please throw it on your grass, the tree roots, or filter it out to your pot plants. Yes it’s cold. But in the hot, dry and warm seasons the ice cold won’t affect them. Obviously ice melts so you need to turf it out when you’ve finished with it – but the best time is actually night, or early morning, so whenever the party is over.


Australia, you’ve always been a humble Country, a beacon of light on a dark day, an example of innovation and invention, of support and friendship when needed, an easygoing and lawful Country. A Country of leadership and to aspire to actually. And many have.

So never put yourself down.

Always hold yourself high.

Smile and say thank you.

Be welcoming but don’t be walked over.

Be understanding that you learn from experience so don’t make the same mistakes. And if you don’t know what to do, follow those who’ve done it well before you. Show some respect.

Start cleaning up your act.

Clean up your own garbage and don’t send it elsewhere.

A sunburnt country, used to the harsh unrelentingly drought, so wish for rain, but also make a start on your own backyard with what you can, put the moisture back in through making change to the way you use and conserve, so that tomorrow the grass really will be greener and it won’t be on the other side, it will be right there individually in your own backyard.

Conserve your natural resources and don’t squander them.

An Island really could go under if the tides get too high, so learn to swim, and do what you can to take the moral high ground, for the sake of every living thing. Learn good navigational skills, just in case.

Whatever you wish for, lead the way, you are unique, you’re too far away to be any Country’s shadow, you’re used to the long haul, so don’t sell yourself out or try to take a shortcut, because there really is no shorter route from anywhere, so you’ll have to get used to the travel.

Mining Change

Congratulations to the judge that decided to stop a mine from going ahead on the basis that we should be scaling back production that is not in line with reducing green house gas emissions and in support of a reduction in green house gases. How innovative. What a courageous, thought provoking human.

What an amazing courageous stand.

Must have been an enlightening moment being on the precipice of life where in your career and everything you’ve done up until that moment finally being in the position to say I can approve this and we can all go in that direction or I have the power right now to change this for the ultimate good so we are going on this direction unfortunately whether you like it or not, this is my decision.

Not an easy thing to do.

So fantastic to see someone take the courage to do it and have to live by it even knowing what that would bring and the trouble it may cause forever more.

If we could all have it within us.